Home Short Sales

Underwater on your mortgage and need to move? PWC Real Estate can help!

If you need help getting out your mortgage, look no further than PWC Real Estate. PWC Real Estate  Real Estate works with senior management of banks throughout the country to help negotiate difficult mortgage situations for clients nationwide. With over 24 years of industry experience, our team has the expertise and the connections to help you get out of a tough mortgage and move onto the next step of your life! Short sales can help home sellers who are underwater on their mortgages avoid having a foreclosure on their record, and minimize the damage to their credit score. Talk with a local representative to learn if a home short sale is right for you.

Our Short Sales Process

Step 1:

Contact PWC Real Estate. Subsequently, we will gather relevant information regarding the loan on your home. Then we can set up a convenient appointment for our local representative to look at the property.

Step 2:

The nearest PWC Real Estate Representative to your location will schedule an appointment and come out to thoroughly examine the property.

Step 3:

PWC Real Estate will present a no-obligation offer on the property as well as a plan to get the bank to agree to the offered price. If the homeowner accepts the offer, he or she will sign both the contract and an an authorization for PWC Real Estate to discuss their loan with the lender.

Step 4:

PWC Real Estate will use our extensive industry connections to identify the best deal possible to help the borrower out of the house based upon our offer price.

Step 5:

If the bank agrees, we will move the property towards closing and close the transaction. The homeowners will leave the property at time of closing.


Ready to renegotiate an underwater mortgage? Not sure if a home short sale is right for you? Our friendly professional real estate experts can help you decide which home sales process is right for you.You can receive a cash offer on your home in as little as 48 hours after you first contact PWC Real Estate.

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