The PWC Real Estate Process

With over 24 years of industry experience, PWC Real Estate has developed a tried and true method for buying homes nationwide based on customer service, professionalism and efficiency. Regardless of the condition of your home or your reason for selling, our representatives treat each customer like family. We are committed to making you the best possible offer on your home, so you can close on your property quickly and confidently. With no hidden fees, high pressure offers, or pushy realtors, our process is fast, transparent, and hassle-free. You don’t have to sacrifice savings for efficiency! We proudly offer top dollar on homes of any condition, as well as condos, townhomes and select commercial properties. If you decide to sell your home to PWC Real Estate, here is a brief rundown of how our process works:

1. Contact PWC Real Estate

After you first contact PWC Real Estate, we gather the address information and contact information. We will agree on a convenient time to send one of our local PWC Real Estate Representatives to review the property and take photographs of the home for review.

2. Meet With a Local Rep

At the scheduled time, our local reps would come to the property and take some photos and look around. Currently our representatives work primarily in California, Arizona, Nebraska, Florida, Maryland and Illinois. If you live outside these regions however, we still want to buy your home! The nearest PWC Real Estate representative will contact you and arrange a convenient time to schedule an appointment.

3. Receive Your Cash Offer

Within 48 hours or less, we will provide you with our offer price for your home. If you accept the offer, a representative will come to the property for signatures to the sales contract and initiate the closing process.

4. Close On Your Home!

We will close this transaction as soon as possible. Time frames vary slightly from area and area, but we typically hope to have the transaction closed within 20 days or less from the time you initially contact us. That’s it! Quick, easy and painless.

Questions about our process? Ready to make an offer? Contact PWC Real Estate today and get in touch with your local representative!